The housing industry as a whole had a few major pivots in recent years thanks to a few unforeseen variables; not counting the Toilet Paper crisis of 2020.

That said, many of us had to adopt new technologies and processes to ensure we could meet the demands of our customers.

So where should your focus be as we move into the new year?

Dean Collura, TitleTap’s CEO and Cofounder, recently hosted a webinar to outline 3 important concepts that your Title Company or Attorney website needs to attract your ideal customers and clients in an increasingly competitive, digital space.

You can see the full webinar here!

Webinar Recap

Optionality for Clients and Customers

This is going to continue to be a key concept this year and beyond. There are a lot of unknowns when it comes to your customer’s willingness, tolerances, etc.

Having something for everyone will help to ensure that you are able to meet your customers’ needs where they are.

Invest in Solutions to help with your goals

Invest in solutions that align with your goals; close more deals faster.

Net Sheet Calculators and Review Modules are just a few of the solutions you should be leveraging this year.

Some Net Sheet Calculators have premium features (co-branding, multiple scenario planning, etc) that empower your Real Estate Agents to drive more business to your office.

Likewise, setting up an automated process to acquire and promote positive feedback from your customers (especially while you are busy) is a great way to build up the intrinsic value in your business.

Easy to be found online

Think for a moment, about the mindset of a prospect who is not familiar with your brand. In many cases, this person may be searching online (Google) for answers to questions or for a solution to a problem they are currently faced with.

They find your site and spend some time getting to know who you (your brand) and the value you are offering.

Is it easy for that prospect to built up their trust in you?

Trust indicators are key for how you connect to another person. Make it easy for users to self identify if you’re a provider that “speaks their language” and can solve their problem.

This can be very difficult if the information on your site is very general and their problem is very specific.

It’s OK to have a broad base of services you offer, just be sure that each service has a purpose and clearly articulates the value proposition to your target audience (customer). In other words, your message should meet their need.

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