TitleTap FAQs

Why should I pick TitleTap for my website?
TitleTap is a website provider that is made for busy Title Agents and Attorneys, it’s that simple.

We offer professional, industry specific, cost effective, secure mobile-friendly websites that are designed specifically for the Title Companies and Law Firms and typically launched within weeks instead of months.

Managed changes are included in the price and every 3 years you are eligible for a free website upgrade where you can pick any of our newer designs to replace your current design so it is literally the last website you will ever need.

We meet you where you are but because we specialize in the industry we also share what is possible so you have a strategy to optimize your online presence based on your business model.

As a result, you get a quality website and future roadmap, done-for-you website development, for starting at around $1,000 setup and a low monthly fee that speaks specifically to your customers and actually attracts the kind of attention you are looking for, whether you are looking to stay top of mind or want the phone to ring.

How much does a TitleTap website cost?
Our website plans get you all you need and want for a professional presence online. You can even upgrade down the road for more robust marketing plan that includes online ads, social media, or reviews. Pricing starts at under $1,000 setup and a low monthly fee, but increase depending on what options you select. Our base plan includes many things you won’t get with another website provider including secure hosting, firewall, spam prevention, ongoing maintenance, managed changes, backups, access to our exclusive Marketing Hub for integrations to software you already use, free design upgrades every 3 years, email support and many other industry benefits and features.
What is included in a TitleTap website?
In short, we provide more than just a website. Our websites include many features and benefits you won’t find with most general website providers, local marketing agencies, freelancers or IT firms.

For example, every TitleTap site has security and compliance aspects that are recommended to help deter cyber fraud such as an SSL certificate, Soc 2 hosting, a firewall, spam prevention, just to name a few.

In addition, TitleTap websites include marketing components specifically built for law firms and title companies across the country. This includes starter page content for your practice areas and services, 125 FAQ style industry focused articles to improve your SEO automatically, branded videos to use in your social media and email marketing, and much more.

For an up-to-date list, browse our features and benefits.

What if I still want a 100% unique custom website for my company?
We do not offer 100% custom websites. To help us keep your costs down, we offer semi-custom websites to give you the best of both…a great looking website that is not cookie cutter, without the high cost of a 100% custom website.
So, can my competitors get the same website as me?
No, even though a competitor could potentially select the same base design, when we are through with each of your customizations, your website will look entirely different. In fact, people are often impressed once they see the final result.

Remember photos, logos, colors, videos, and pages are all customized and localized by our team. These items drastically change a website’s look and feel.

From our own experiences in the title and legal industry, we know that it is competitive out there. That is why we make sure your marketing message to your customers is unique to you.

How Is TitleTap different from a Local Marketing Agency?

Websites by local marketing agencies typically cost between $5,000-$10,000 and can take 8-10 months of your time because the provider knows nothing about your business.

As such, those general marketing companies will typically rely on you to tell them what you want on your website, not only for content but for the security and compliance pieces specific to the Title and Legal industries.

If you aren’t as familiar with all the website related best practices, it could lead to some really wide gaps and your website not performing as well as it could compared to your competition.

From an ongoing management perspective, it is not uncommon for marketing agencies to send you off on your own or charge an hourly rate of $100 to make changes.

Not to mention 2-3 years later your website design has gone stale and you have to start the process involving your time and money all over again.

TitleTap only works with Law Firms and Title Companies. As such, we not only know what is effective in your business, we also have starter content about your practice areas or services that you can customize and industry specific blog posts to help you automatically rank higher in online search (SEO).

In short, you won’t need to train us about your industry on your dime as you would with a local marketing agency.

Plus we are typically a lot more affordable and flexible than a local marketing firm since we don’t charge a large amount upfront, don’t have expensive contracts, have a 60 day money back guarantee and we offer free design upgrades every 3 years so your website can always look up-to-date and have the latest best practices.

How is TitleTap different from a general website builder?
There are many benefits of using TitleTap over a website builder like Wix, SquareSpace or GoDaddy, but the most common reason that attorneys and title agents pick us over them is that we actually do the work for you.

In short, we make the process of building and maintaining a website way easier and faster.

If you are like most title insurance agents or attorneys, you wear a lot of hats and your time is better spent on closings and cases, not figuring out how to build a website.

Since we already have both service and practice area page content written, getting it on your webpage is as simple as you reviewing and editing it.

And our marketing package also includes up to 125 industry specific content blogs, videos, social media and email marketing pieces that are plug-in play to help you market.

How is TitleTap different from an IT company?
IT companies may have the technical chops to put up a website but there are a couple of issues we’ve seen law firms and title companies, alike, have with this approach.

For instance, website platforms like WordPress have made it easy for many people to put up a website but Search Engine Optimization is no longer a technical problem, it is a marketing problem.

As such, it does require some expertise to not only have an effective website (that converts visitors into clients), but also to be found easily in search engines like Google (SEO).

This is really the core of how we are different from your IT company.

An industry website for around $1,000 sounds too good to be true? How is it even possible?
It does sound too good to be true but we promise it is. The reason we can offer this at such an amazing price is that we’ve done most of the heavy lifting beforehand – creating some beautiful designs, building useful Title and Legal-specific tools, calculators, forms, integrations, and widgets.

For most law firms and title companies, a 100% custom solution from an expensive marketing agency is overkill – like killing ants with a sledgehammer; you can do it, but why?

Instead of paying for a 100% ground-up custom solution which is very expensive and time-consuming for you, you get a better solution than you could have imagined and get to customize the stuff that matters: logo, content, colors, fees, graphics, etc.

Why is there a monthly fee and what does it include?
TitleTap is made for busy Title Agents and Attorneys.
We know if you are busy you don’t have the time to keep your site up-to-date with best practices, staying on top of your content, SSL security, monitoring hack attempts and spam with our firewall, backups, security updates, adjusting performance, optimizing for SEO, etc. just to name a few. These are just a few of the items our monthly fee covers.

Plus, if you have a problem or need a website update, such as updating a staff member, or adding a new service, we can handle it for you with a quick email – all for no additional charge.

See the pricing page or request a flyer from our support team to understand what all comes with your plan.

Why is there a setup fee & what does it include?
Many do-it-yourself website builders don’t include a setup fee because you have to do the work to actually build it. However, we know you’re busy so with TitleTap, we do the website setup and customization for you.

The setup fee includes a set amount of time and designer resources to get you a draft website and provide feedback.

How will a TitleTap website help my business?
TitleTap can help your business in a few main categories.

First, if you are a busy Title Agent or Attorney we are a good fit, as most of our solution is “done for you”. That said, if your goals include looking more professional online, ranking higher in search engines like Google and staying top of mind with your prospects and customers, a website by TitleTap can help you succeed in all of these categories.

As a bonus, we offer an exclusive Title Agent and Attorney Marketing Hub that allows you to explore what else is possible with your TitleTap website like incorporating other industry tools from your closing transaction suite/case management software (client portals and intake forms) to things like e-commerce (document stores) and online deposit capabilities!

TitleTap meets you where you are with your business and shares what’s possible when you are ready to take it to the next level!

Do you offer any discounts?
Yes. If you sign up for any of our website plans on an annual or quarterly basis (paid in advance), you will receive 10% or 5% off your monthly fee, respectively.

Also, if you bundle our Net Sheet Calculator or Online Reviews solution with a website plan there are discounts available.

Furthermore, if you were referred by an Underwriter or Vendor, let us know, some referral discounts may also apply.

What is the process for purchasing a website?

We pride ourselves on making the process pretty simple.

  1. Pick A Website Plan, Design and Onboarding information
  2. We Draft Your website
  3. You Provide Feedback, and we Launch.
How quickly can you build a website?
Depending on your priorities and the plan you choose we can have a website built in as little as 1-2 weeks.

Each revision typically takes 7-10 days.

Will I keep my domain name?
Yes you can keep your domain name and you will continue to pay your domain registrar for the domain name every year (usually $10-20 a year). But you can drop the website hosting from Network Solutions, GoDaddy, Wix or wherever else you currently have web hosting.
Who owns the website?
You “own” your website content, structure, and images which are all running on WordPress.

Whereas, we own the design, software/widgets provided (ie. net sheet calculator, title premium calculator, video library, lead gen tools, etc.), and the platform / infrastructure that we’ve created to streamline the development and management of the website.

What if I want to cancel?

We want to provide a great service at an even better price with no contracts. As such we are not in the business of holding you hostage to our service. However, due to our proprietary software we’ve created to build and maintain our customer’s websites faster, easier, industry specific and more secure, our website designs cannot be exported to a third party as they wouldn’t work without our proprietary software running on our servers.

That said, we understand that your business’ needs can change over time.

TitleTap has 2 “exit” options to migrate Customer’s Website content and images to the host of Customer’s choice:

  1. TitleTap offers a Website export at any time for no additional charge as long as the Customer’s payments are up-to-date and the customer’s website domain has been live on our platform for at least 1 year. This will give the Customer a download or multiple downloads of Customer’s pages, content, and images such as photos, logos, and text but not the website design, website builder, calculator, videos, email marketing or other proprietary tools or content on the website. Then Customer can pay another developer to download WordPress, install it to the hosting plan of Customer’s choice, pick or build a new design template, and import Customer’s Website data that we exported. This option would require Customer to have another developer design a site for Customer, configure the menu, and make other adjustments, but all the non-proprietary pages, content, and images would be intact. If the product is offered a la carte by TitleTap, the calculators, widgets, and software add-ons shall be subject to additional subscription fees.
  2. If a customer needs more help in migrating website providers such as importing the export file above into the new system, DNS changes, or any advice or recommendation then TitleTap requires a one-time fee of $799.00 to be paid upfront before migration help can be given. Please note that this payment does not include a website redesign, website design services or any help implementing the migration other than pointing the domain, help changing the nameservers, recommending alternatives, and importing the data to the new site. Also the window for engagement with this option closes 30 days after the payment has been made. No other assistance can be given beyond that point. If offered a la carte by TitleTap, the calculators, widgets, and software add-ons may be subject to additional subscription fees.
How can I make changes to the website?
One of the awesome benefits of your TitleTap subscription is that each website plan comes with a bucket of managed changes where we make the changes for you. Just send them to our friendly support team and we do the rest.

If you are looking to make changes on your own, every website plan gives you backend basic editor access to make adjustments like page edits, blog publishing, etc.

Can I make my own changes to the website?
Yes, you can make your own changes. Every TitleTap website plan gives you backend basic editor access to make adjustments like page edits, blog publishing, etc. If you don’t have time or have a better use for your time, you can always just send your changes to our friendly support team to make them on your behalf.
What if I don’t have content?
No content? No worries. Every TitleTap website plan comes with starter content already tuned for the Title and Legal industry.

It is recommended that you spend 30 minutes to customize this content as different markets respond to different messages. However, it is faster and easier for most to simply edit content than to write it from scratch.

What if I don’t like the content I have now?
If you have content that you don’t like, you can explore what our starter content has to offer or ask us about our custom copywriting services.
Do you know about the title or legal industries?
Yes, unlike many general marketing providers, we’ve actually lived your business and understand the day in and day out operational side.

We know how busy it can get which is one of the main reasons why TitleTap was created. We meet you where you are and also guide you forward with what is possible specifically focused on Title Agency and Law Firm marketing.

In fact, our founders spent a collective 25 years “working in the business” in the title industry, as a Realtor, and in law offices.

Who hosts the website?
TitleTap hosts all of the websites we build in a secure and industry compliant data center with limited access.
Can I have you build the website and host it with someone else?
Unfortunately not.

First, our websites, although built on the widely popular WordPress platform, use proprietary software we have built on top to allow us to build and manage websites faster and easier. The website simply won’t run elsewhere.

Second, most other providers you’ve heard of (such as GoDaddy) are not compliant with industry standards.

Will I see the site before it launches?
Absolutely! We provide you with a website draft for your review before we go live.
Are TitleTap websites ADA compliant?
We optionally offer the option to add a UserWay Website Accessibility Widget to every plan.

We continuously strive to implement these isolated technology components, in the interest of accessibility. While we cannot render legal advice or guarantee legal compliance with any applicable accessibility laws, we encourage use of the UserWay Website Accessibility Widget as part of a TitleTap.com web services subscription.

When you subscribe to TitleTap.com web services, you are given the opportunity to opt out of the Widget, if you already employ a web page accessibility tool. The Widget does not guarantee WCAG compliance. Because our clients are ultimately solely responsible for legal compliance of their services to their customers, TitleTap.com allows its clients to make these accessibility decisions.

Do you have a calculator?
We sure do! One of our a la carte offerings is our net sheet calculator. You can add this solution to your TitleTap website and be eligible for special discounts or add it to an existing website that you currently have. Go to www.netsheetcalc.com for more information and to schedule a demo!
What states are you in?
We provide our website plans and most marketing add-ons to Title Agents and Attorneys in all states.

Our calculator add-on is not available in certain states, to get the latest list or to see if it is available in your state please reach out to our team.

How does it transfer to you?
We simply change what are called the “nameservers.” Think of this as an index for your domain name. It tells the Internet where your email is hosted, your website is hosted, etc. We work with you or your IT team to point your domain name to our server where it will be hosted securely.
Will I lose what I already paid for with another provider?
Once launched with us, you could just call your web host and have them drop the website hosting but keep the domain and/or email accounts. Depending on if you are paying annually or monthly, they could probably give you a credit (not sure of their policies) or simply stop charging you.
Is there a questionnaire to fill-in to get started on providing content information?
Yes. Once you pay you’ll receive an online form that gathers information about your company, logo, and a space for any special requests. We take that and build a website draft usually within 2-3 weeks with recommended pages and pages from your existing website. From there, you have the ability to give us feedback and request any changes, update content, etc. per your plan.
Can we do something like what you already have done before without violating copyrights or will it have to be completely new?
Yes. Our website designs all include some starter content on most pages that allows you to read and edit to make it unique for your market and customers.

As you’ve already identified, this saves you time from coming up with everything from a blank slate. We also have some resources available for stock photography and video if you do not have many images already.