While you shouldn’t get creative and fancy when writing legal agreements, contracts, and documents, there is a lot more freedom and flexibility with your website.

In fact, your website is a chance to show off your personality, what makes your firm unique, and why your ideal clients should work with you.

In this post, we’re sharing some website design inspiration from 16 solo law firms.

1. Vaughn Law PLLC

screenshot of the Vaughn Law website

Vaughn Law’s website excels in its accessibility and navigation. The menu organizes the website in a logical way that’s visible from each page. Main menu tabs include: Home, type of services, about, resources, order title, and contact. The menu items each have a drop-down with appropriately organized sub-menus without being busy or overwhelming potential customers.

For example, the resources tab has a drop-down menu item titled: “Video library.” This helpful resource acts as a FAQ page that users can easily navigate and find the answers to their questions.

screenshot of an accessibility widget on a webpage

Possibly the most interesting part of the design is an accessibility widget at the bottom left of the page. This lets users toggle different options that make the website more user friendly such as making the font larger, changing the contrast, and converting copy to the dyslexia-friendly font.

2. Bessen Law

screenshot of a law website's homepage featuring an image of a body of water

screenshot of a quick links section on a website

The primary strength of Adam Bessen’s website is its intuitive nature. The website includes all the essential elements on the homepage in a single scroll. Visual elements like icons can be easily scanned on the homepage that shows exactly what services are offered.

The top of the homepage within the featured image is a call-to-action to Order a Title (also the far-right option in the main menu.) The website’s main objective is to get the visitor to order a title, and there are multiple places to do so. It’s even included in the Quick Links menu at the bottom of every page.

3. Legal Legacy

screenshot of a real estate webpage with the title Fast and Accurate Closings

The standout of this website is its effective and consistent branding. From the homepage, you can easily tell the services the attorney offers are in real estate, which is confirmed by the visible Practice Areas tab.

a text box containing an update on COVID-19

Another piece to note is the relevance of the page and how a COVID-19 response message is immediately presented to the viewer to interact with.

If you jump to her Facebook page, you’ll see that the typography, logo, and images are all consistent with the website’s branding. In the team section of the website, a dog is shown in one of the pictures as well as on the law firm’s Facebook feed. This helps add the personal, approachable, homestyle branding of the firm.

4. The Law Firm of Alexandre Ballerini

screenshot of a real estate webpage with the title The Modern Law Firm

This website features elegant branding elements that help to establish them as the modern law. One of the most effective web design elements on the homepage is that it is very clear what a visitor should do on the site – i.e. schedule a call. He even offers two different ways to contact him – either on the spot or to schedule an appointment.

In addition, the Our Resources tab features a variety of content, including a Video Library, Zoom resource, flyers, and articles. This ensures visitors can access important information in the format that appeals most to them. It also improves search engine rankings.

5. The Diamond Law Group

screenshot of the Diamond Law Group LLC website

The Diamond Law Group website has an appealing visual design with a video front and center on their homepage. It helps to draw attention to their name and tagline, “Finding the right solutions for your legal problem.” Most importantly, it showcases their CTA of requesting a consultation.

The content on this website is highly accessible, with an option that allows visitors to convert the text of the site into Spanish.

Another intuitive feature that improves the accessibility and interactivity of the site is the live chat functionality. Overall, the site is easy to navigate and contact the firm with questions.

screenshot of a chatbot

6. Law Offices of Chance M. McGhee

In addition to this website being easy to navigate and user friendly with an accessibility widget, the messaging here is effective. It resonates with the target audience and appeals to their situation.

Potential clients need to file for bankruptcy, and the first message on the homepage is, “Life happens. You deserve a fresh start. We can help.”

The content on the website goes hand in hand with a helpful and compassionate tone. It includes blog posts and resources that are designed to inform and assist prospects going through bankruptcy challenges.

7. David Toback – Attorney at Law

screenshot of the David Toback law website

This Tampa estate planning lawyer has a clear UX and makes it easy for visitors to take his desired action – which is to contact him either via live-chat or email. His messaging is also clear about what he can help with. All of this takes place above the fold.

Another timely announcement on the page is a banner that promises answers to legal questions during COVID-19 and provides a link for additional information.

8. GQ Law Office

screenshot of the Jennifer Guimond-Quigley law website

This clean and simple design showcases all of the important information right in the header. The user can easily find resources, contact information, examples of the attorney’s work, and practice areas she handles.

A key part of this website design that works is its attention to the attorney herself. Her bio is prominently displayed on the homepage so visitors can see who they’ll be working with. This adds a human, personal touch to the law firm. It helps to establish trust and credibility.

9. Leader Law Firm

screenshot of a law website with the text The Right Lawyer

Right off the bat, this website makes a bold claim that they are the right lawyer for the visitor. The branding and messaging are strong.

The site also makes it easy to contact the law firm by including a clear phone number at the top of the page and a live chat option. It further drives home the sale by prompting users to see Case Results with a button at the center of the page.

10. Graham Deurance

screenshot of the Graham Deurance law website

Graham’s website is an example of a minimal design done well. It is simple, clean, and shows the user exactly what the attorney does beneath his title. It features a picture of the attorney to put a face to the firm.

The site features social media as a menu option to further engage users. There is no wasted space on this site. Every menu item serves a function.

11. Kaufman Law

screenshot of the Kaufman law website

The messaging and branding for this site strongly tell the user exactly what the attorney does. Most importantly, it says how she can help them. The lifestyle photo of the attorney adds a nice touch to make her seem approachable and trustworthy.

Menu options are kept simple with only 4 to choose from: how we help, about, contact, and call us. Two of those are informative, while the other two are direct CTAs to get the visitor to reach out. Keeping the options simple makes it easier for the user to navigate.

12. Cubillos Reed Law PLLC

screenshot of a law website with the text Client-Centric Representation

Here’s another website that takes a clean and minimal approach to design. The website makes excellent use of whitespace, and though they have a picture of the city prominently displayed, it doesn’t detract from the copy.

The main menu is kept to just 4 options for simple navigation. Home, services, our team, and contact are the options so users can quickly find what they’re looking for. Another way they improve the accessibility of their site and make themselves more approachable is by clearly stating they speak Spanish on various pages.

13. Law Offices of Ross D. Gardner

screenshot of the Kaufman law website

This solo law firm website makes it all about the user with upfront messaging that claims they offer client-centric representation. They back this up with a wealth of resources, including coronavirus resources for site visitors.

Another key part of their web design is their attention to social media. A widget on the side of the page prompts users to share the website on their own social pages.

14. Caryma Sa’d

screenshot of a modern law website with red circles

Caryma’s site uses modern, visual elements. The striking red design with the practice areas boldly featured lets the user know immediately what the site is about.

The site puts a fresh spin on their resources with Landlord + Tenant 101 page. The information is uniquely put into an infographic or graphic novel format. This type of resource, alongside the fact that the attorney handles cannabis cases, likely resonates well with younger generation consumers.

15. Tamara Holder

screenshot of the Tamara N Holder law website

Right off the bat, you can tell this attorney is a no-nonsense, serious professional. The typography, color choices, and lack of white space all set a powerful tone. Her website says (without outright saying) that she’s the attorney you want in your corner, and she is fully capable of navigating the legal landscape for you.

It’s also worth noting that her website is easy to navigate. The law firm’s contact information is easy to find. There’s a blog as well to help with the site’s SEO.

16. The Law Firm of Dmitriy Shakhnevich

screenshot of the Dmitriy Shakhnevich law website

This website is designed to show the law firm’s credibility and prestige. It does so by prominently displaying their awards on the homepage. The home menu has a media tab where users can find other newsworthy information about the firm.

The site is also simple to navigate with clear menu options. Contact information is readily available on the homepage.


Now that you have some website design inspiration, it is the perfect time to build or redesign your own website.

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