Tampa, FL: TitleTap, the leading provider of law firm and title company websites, announces their new content marketing service, called Socialite™, that automatically publishes relevant content to their websites and drives more traffic from both social media and search engines. 

“Our customers are busy delivering amazing service experiences and often struggle finding time to procure and publish content their audience cares about.  Socialite streamlines this process, increases website traffic and supports higher SEO rankings,” stated TitleTap CEO, Dean Collura.

According to an article by infront.com, 91.5% of page clicks happen on the 1st page of Google, and the top 3 results on the 1st page get over 50% of the click-throughs. 

Socialite automatically curates content from customer-selected local or industry-specific news sources, generates summary blog articles on their TitleTap website, then shares them as a Facebook post automatically driving website traffic and supporting higher SEO rankings.

Content Marketing Example

Content Marketing with Socialite Example

“The average attorney or title insurance agent has less than a dozen pages on their website. With Socialite, they can have consistent social media posts and hundreds of pages added to their website over time – all relevant to their business and industry. Facebook and Google love this and send qualified traffic their way.” added TitleTap COO, Eliot Dill. 

To find out more information about TitleTap’s new content marketing service visit https://titletap.com/socialite/

About TitleTap: TitleTap was founded in 2013 by a former Title Agent manager, industry consultant, and active Realtor who helped grow a title company from 1 to 16 offices. They provide subscription-based, turn-key marketing solutions and websites for title companies and law firms across the country.