Today I’m going to show you how to properly set up Facebook Accounts for Real Estate professionals including Title Agents, Mortgage Brokers and Law Firms. I’ve found that even though setting up a Facebook account seems trivial, since Facebook has so many features most firms don’t do the critical steps that will give you the best results.

That being said, bare with me as the sections below go from basic to more advanced things you may not know about. Use it as a blueprint to setup your company’s account.


First things first – if you don’t have a free business Facebook account you need to sign-up for one. Even if you are not sure how often you’ll post on the Facebook account I always recommend Real Estate, Mortgage, and Law professionals have one.

The reason is that Facebook pages are great for Search Engine Optimization.  Facebook is such a large and popular website it is common for your Facebook page to rank higher than even your business website.

In other words, it makes finding you online easier. Plus it’s free so you have no reason not to.

Profile Optimization

So once you have your account you really need to fill it up a bit with some content. But luckily it doesn’t need to be complicated. This is where many people start to get tripped up.

Obviously add your Logo

This one is obvious so enough said.

Add 3-5 Posts

Add 3-5 posts to fill up your news feed.  Here are a few popular and effective types of posts:

1) Memes and Quotes – Memes are simply quotes or captions on funny pictures. The easiest way to find them is on Google Images or Pinterest. Simply search something like “Real Estate Memes.”

2) Pose a question – (“Which of these luxury houses do you like better? What’s your favorite? Post below”).

Facebook’s algorithm can be summarized as this: The more activity a post gets the more it is shown. Getting more engagement will cause your social post to show more frequently.

3) Video – Did you find a useful video that helps your customers or prospects? Share it!

For example, here is how a title company saved one Florida family 3 years after they purchased their house. Feel free to share it to illustrate the importance of title insurance.

Facebook Header

Turn your banner into your value proposition

Your banner should be your value proposition since it is the most visible spot on your page. This is one of those things that so many companies get wrong. Most just add a photo, image, or their logo again.

Your goal here is to connect with your customer by highlighting your value proposition.  You can do this easily with a free website called Simply find a nice looking cover image and with Canva add your slogan or value proposition in text overtop.

Here are some examples:

  • A South Florida Title Company that caters to city or foreign buyers might want to have a picture of paradise with a value proposition of “Easy Lifestyle, Easy Closing – Let us answer all of your real estate questions!”
  • Or a Title Agent trying to grow the number of Realtors they work with may want to highlight something about their service that Realtors complement them on like “The best communicators in the Title Business – Know where your closing is all the time, anytime!”

So think about it for a few minutes: What do you do better than your competitors? Make a list and ask your top 3 clients which one would they agree with most.

For example, if you are better at communication than other title companies you could use: “Tired of not knowing the status of your closings? Give XYZ Title a try!”

Utilize the Call-To-Action Button

Lastly, you need to utilize the call-to-action (CTA) that Facebook lets you have. A CTA is simply a button or link that asks the user to take action on something – buy now, add to cart, learn more, or even contact us.

For Title Insurance, the most obvious one is simply “Contact Us.”  But I also like to put a question or desired action in the cover image like “Let us answer your Real Estate questions. Contact us below.”

So you might think you are done there…

…and you might be. But there is one more advanced (but not difficult) thing I wanted to share for those of you that are serious about using Social Media to drive more business.

Easy Management

One of the reasons many people don’t see results from social media is that they are not consistent in how they use it.  Like everything else, you get out of it what you put in.

But if you don’t have the time to devote to it fear not. There is a simple way to manage all of your social media profiles in a single application.  Not only does this make life easier, it also increases the chances that you will be consistent.

If you have multiple social media accounts, plan on posting often, or want to save time, I highly recommend using a third party program like Buffer or HootSuite to manage your social media. The most useful benefits of these include: a single place to post to all of your accounts and the ability to schedule posts.

That’s it!

Now your profile is properly setup to convert a subset of visitor to leads with your very important but often overlooked value proposition and CTA. And now you have a way to easily post, which increases the chances that you actually will consistently!

Let me know if this tutorial has been useful and share any other tips that have worked well for you in the comments below.