Did you know that 78% of people watch videos only at least once a week and 55 percent watch every day.  In fact, YouTube is the second largest search engine, and people use video not only for entertainment, but to learn about a topic.

Unlike most other types of content, this makes video one of the best mediums for both search engine rankings and social media.  After all the goal is to get someone to share your content on behalf of you. That is how things go viral. And that is powerful.

So where do you find these videos? And what do you put in them?

What should go in the videos?

Whatever you do don’t talk about yourself and your company. That is not the kind of thing that will get shared or ranked – let alone even watched.

Instead focus your efforts on humor and useful information.  For the Title Industry, think of the top 10 things you get asked during and after the closing process and make 2-3 minute videos answering each.

Perhaps a common one is “what is the contact information for local utilities company?”

Or the “difference between conventional, VA, FHA, and USDA loans?”  It can be production quality or not – if you have good success you can always re-film.

Where do you go?

Well you have a couple of options:

1) As hinted above, you can film it yourself with your iPhone.

But like most of us that are busy you’d have to rope out time to come up with the content and actually film it, upload it, learn about SEO and then share it on social media, your website, and with your customers.

2) If you don’t like being on camera or prefer animations, you can go with a do it yourself program like GoAnimate;

This allows you to make animated videos that explain your topic of choice. As you can imagine, this will likely take a lot longer than just filming yourself talking.

But these videos are very engaging.

3) If you have a large budget you can hire a video production, animation and/or marketing company to shoot the videos for you.

As you can imagine expect to pay 5 figures for something like this. A company like Explainfy charges around $10,000 per video.

4) Or you can get 100 topic specific title, lending, and real estate animated explainer videos for pennies per video.

Each video is branded with your logo, face, and contact information and can be placed on your website, emailed to your customers, and posted to social media.

The best part is that your Realtors and Lenders can use your branded videos to answer questions for their customers.

Learn more about how to get these videos by clicking here.