TitleTap recently took over a Google Ads campaign for the real estate law firm Kelley & Grant, PA located in Boca Raton, Florida.

After three months of running and optimizing the ads, we compared the results to similar 3-month periods in past years prior to TitleTap managing their ads.

The results were jaw dropping:

Improved Click Through Rate Cut Cost per Click in Half

Kelley & Grant saw an improved click through rate of 4.24% to 5.15%. Google rewards ads that get more clicks with lower cost per click. In one sampling, cost per click was cut in half from paying $3.23 per click to only $1.41 per click. When you have thousands of people viewing and clicking your ads, these savings add up. And it wasn’t just the cost per click that experienced positive improvements.

Increased Conversion Rates

The industry standard for conversion rates is less than 5%. But with TitleTap’s campaign management, Kelley & Grant’s Google Ads campaign went from 2.7% to 14.71% and 4.01% to 23.69%, respectively. This means that nearly a quarter of the people who clicked the ad called in or filled out the contact form!

Lowered Cost per Conversion

Cost per conversion is the cost to acquire a lead or prospect, so the lower the better. In one sample, the cost per conversion went from $50.62 to $9.61 and in another, it went from a staggering $156 to only $9.62. That is equivalent to acquiring 15 leads for what had previously only afforded a single lead – a 1522% improvement!

Growth of Total Leads

Kelley & Grant not only experienced savings costs, but with TitleTap’s Google Ads optimizations they saw an increase of the number of leads. While their previous campaign yielded 189 leads in a 3-month period, their new TitleTap Google Ads campaign yielded 199 conversions in a similar 3-month period for a drastically reduced cost from what they were paying previously.

The cost savings alone are worth $32,000 per year without calculating the increased opportunities.

About Kelley & Grant, PA

The lawyers at Kelley & Grant, P.A. are experienced in providing clients with a full range of legal services in the area of real estate. They serve Florida homeowners, associations, investors, realtors, and property managers with quick and easy title insurance/closing services, real estate litigation, and eviction representation at low-cost prices you can afford.

They believe that everyone is entitled to basic principles of access and ease when dealing with the Court system and title underwriters. These principles should not be denied simply because you aren’t willing to pay expensive hourly fees to purchase or sell a home, or remove unwanted tenants or squatters.

About TitleTap

Although actual results and quantity of leads will vary from business to business and location to location, the proprietary process TitleTap follows for successful Google Ads campaigns is the same.

TitleTap’s Google Ad solution is for professional service businesses such as law firms and title companies. With Google Ads, TitleTap can get you to the top of search engines, send you more leads, and lower your spend if you are currently running ads.

Request a free consultation to learn how we can help you dominate Google Ads in your markets!