A few months ago a prospective customer mentioned that, not even two years prior, they paid nearly $100,000 for their current website.

Our natural question was “Why are you looking into a new one?”

Their response: “Our market, direction, and focus have changed. We have to pay that firm more in order to update it which doesn’t make sense after that much time and money. You all offer more for less.”

This story is all too common for small and medium-sized businesses. You pay a ton of money up front to own your website, but then forget that a website can be expensive and time consuming to maintain – only to need to redo it within a few short years.

TitleTap websites start off at only $1,000. They come with industry starter content and monthly changes, keep you up-to-date with industry compliance and security, and give you a free design upgrade every 3 years so you never have to pay for a website again.

So why do websites from local marketing firms cost so much? Did they this company get charged unfairly?

No, not necessarily.

What they paid for was a well trained (expensive) employee’s time to create a website and the necessary components from scratch.

They also trained this marketing company about their industry and business on their own dime. This knowledge transfer takes time.

The fact is, this is what a custom website can cost.

It is like paying someone to design and build custom furniture instead of picking out something at IKEA or Rooms To Go.

The quality might be there, but you’ll pay 5-10 more and be no more satisfied.

In fact, we’ve found most to be less happy because of not only the money but also the time and effort involved with these custom projects,

So how does TitleTap offer websites for so much less?

There are many ways we save customers time and money.

We have already built most of what you need

First, we do a lot of the heavy lifting upfront such as creating design templates and components found on many Title Companies and Law Firm websites. We reuse these and slightly modify them as needed per customer instead of building from scratch. This is all custom work you’d be paying for from a local web design firm that takes time and would be charged at expensive hourly rates.

We know your industry & have content

Second, we have worked in your industry so every website comes with optional pre-written starter content that you simply have to modify for your market and specific offering. You can also upgrade and get up to 125 industry blog posts that you don’t have to write, which help your website be found in search engines.

This content also comes as branded videos, email marketing pieces, and social media marketing posts

Best Practices & Security

Third, since we only work with companies like yours, we stay up to date with industry best practices, compliance and security. For example, wire fraud has been a growing problem in the title industry so we added more security, spam blockers, and a firewall to help deter this for our customers.

Free Design Upgrades

Lastly, because your website is template-based on our technology, we give you free design upgrades every 3 years for no additional cost. It is like getting a free website redesign without having to interview different companies and pay the upfront costs again.

So would you like an effective website without paying thousands upfront? If so, schedule a consultation and demo today to see how TitleTap can help you accomplish more with less.