Sometimes Title Agents and Attorneys who have been in business for quite some time aren’t sure of the value they might get by having a website. In all fairness, they’ve gone this long without one.

What they often forget is although the old ways of doing business might still be valid, new ways of doing business do evolve with time.

Here is one example of that.

“I had no website for years.

“One day, an out of state client with a large deal refused to wire funds because he couldn’t find anything about me or my company online.


“Wake up call!


“Even direct and referral clients Google you!


“I partnered with TitleTap to launch my new website and now I frequently get new business, such as a new customer with several commercial properties downtown, who found me online.


“Through TitleTap’s SEO efforts, I’m also now on the first page of Google!


… I wish I had done this sooner!”


– Nancy Baumann
President and Owner, Sun Title Insurance Company, Inc.

& 2020 President of the Florida Land Title Association

Although a website does not always guarantee new business, it does guarantee that your prospects will be able to find, contact and do business with you easier.

Moreover, TitleTap makes the process easy by including industry page and blog content, adding compliance components like Firewall and SSL to help deter cyber fraud, by search engine optimizing your website when it goes live, and by including monthly changes in every plan.  All of which is unique to TitleTap.

Remember, even referrals Google you – by not having a website or a solid online presence, how much business might you be losing?

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