Secure Websites for
Law Firms & Title Companies

Unlike most other providers, every TitleTap Website has the “good stuff” built-in to help keep the “bad guys” out.

Wire Fraud Often Begins With A Single Email

In 2018 the FBI recorded 1.4 billion in real estate transaction wire fraud; up from only 19 million in 2016.

Every TitleTap Website Has a Built In Firewall & Spam Blockers To Help Deter Wire Fraud.

FACT: Our Built-In Website Firewall Blocks Over 500,000 Hack Attempts Each Month!

* 528,324 in April of 2019 to be exact.

All Websites Are NOT Created Equal…

Every TitleTap website includes security features you won’t find anywhere else

Secure Hosting (SSL)

HTTPS encrypts your customer’s data. Most places charge you annual for them. We give them to you at no additional cost

Website Firewall

If your website is online, someone is trying to hack it. Our built-in firewall blocks over half a million hack attempts each month.

Cyber Fraud

Cyber fraud often begins with a single email. Our spam blocker stops an average of 23 fraudulent emails a day per website.

Accessibility Widget

20-25% of people have some sort of disability; Every site we build has the option for a free accessibility widget from

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