We are proud to announce that TitleTap and its suite of products have officially been acquired by ProfitSolv – a comprehensive suite of software solutions for legal, accounting, and other professional services firms.

As we take a moment to reflect we thought it would be a good time to share our story, why joining ProfitSolv is a win for our team, our customers, and our partners, as well as what this means for the future.

The Early Days

Nearly 10 years ago we received a paper check from our first paying customer. The customer needed a calculator for quick title insurance quotes. 

At the time our goal was to solve one problem for one customer. Our first solution has since grown to hundreds of customers nationwide and is now known as our Net Sheet Calculator.

At the time, we had no idea that solving one problem for one customer would open the door to help solve the problem for many more and propel TitleTap’s growth to the point that it has today.

Website Platform

Over the next 2 years, we continued to learn that our customers’ pain was not just having a way to provide instant quotes at their fingertips with a calculator. Their main questions were actually surrounding how to market their calculator in order to get adoption, with many asking if we were able to help them with their websites.

Through dozens of customer conversations and a “launch” webinar on “how to build an effective title insurance website”, our website offering was born.

In that webinar, we clearly illustrated the challenges they faced in creating a website and how to market their business effectively. 

In that single webinar, we had 12 companies attend and 8 of which purchased a website plan from us immediately after.

This solution is now known as TitleTap and has been the cornerstone of what we do.

It makes us incredibly proud that the majority of the customers from that original webinar are still happy customers to this day, nearly a decade later.

It makes us incredibly proud that the majority of the customers from that original webinar are still happy customers to this day, nearly a decade later.”

Expansion and Automations

During the next few years, we learned that many professional services share very similar problems.  

Customers began asking questions like “can you do the same for my spouse’s business?” Or “I have a friend in this other industry who wants the same.” 

Professional service providers tend to be busy people whose time is better spent doing what they do best, delivering an amazing customer experience on committed deals and billable hours, not in the minutia of figuring out websites, making updates, and navigating online marketing. 

As a result, we continued to evolve our platform to make marketing online easier, faster, and more effective for our customers.  

For instance, we added industry content for improved search engine rankings, created new tools such as FeedbackAutomatic to automate the way feedback is gathered and testimonials are marketed, and naturally branched into the attorney space as many states require an attorney to conduct real estate closings.

We consistently heard that our customers really appreciated the ease of working with us, the fact that we understood their business, and were extremely happy with the results.

For example, over 93% of our customers show up on page 1 of Google for at least one of their desired keywords.

COVID and The Hub

When COVID-19 struck in 2020, industries that were traditionally brick-and-mortar had to instantly figure out how to operate in a remote business world. 

This led to the creation of our marketing hub, which provides our customers with solutions to help them get more value from their website by making it easy to integrate tools they already use or need in order to operate their business.

The Marketing Hub has been a massive success and has opened up hundreds of conversations with partners and service providers who were seeing the same trends in the industry. 

TitleTap & ProfitSolv Futures

Since day one, listening to our customers’ needs has been our guidepost when creating solutions and delivering our customer experience.  

Over time, we have been increasingly asked for more solutions to help our customers operate more efficiently.  We listened to you and that is one of the many reasons why we joined forces with ProfitSolv.

ProfitSolv offers many of the solutions our customers ask us for each and every day, plus shares our vision to help professional service companies with everything they need in order to operate their businesses.

As for TitleTap, the brand will remain intact and the team will continue providing the same amazing experience our customers know us for. We’ll just be able to do more of it at a faster pace than we’d be able to do on our own.

“…with ProfitSolv, we will be able to form tighter integrations, serve more customers faster, and provide even better results for our customers.”

But the best news is that together with ProfitSolv, we will be able to form tighter integrations, serve more customers faster, and provide even better results for our customers.

The future is bright and we are incredibly excited for the next chapter!  You will be seeing us adding more solutions to the mix so we wanted to take a moment to tell the story of how we ended up here. 

We are committed to your success and look forward to sharing more soon! 

Dean Collura & Eliot Dill




Who is ProfitSolv and what do they do?

ProfitSolv is a comprehensive suite of software solutions for legal, accounting, and other professional services firms including consulting, architecture, and engineering. Utilizing a product-centric and customer-first approach, ProfitSolv helps firms offer better client service while increasing their efficiency, productivity, and revenue.

The company’s powerful, easy-to-use solutions enable firms to increase their billable time and service revenue, get
paid faster, automate invoicing and payments, integrate systems like CRM, and more.
Learn more here.

Why did you choose to sell to ProfitSolv?

We have been approached several times by interested parties in the past but had no interest in selling. Over the past few years, we noticed a pick-up in requests for more solutions that we did not have (payments, CRM, document storage, e-signature, etc.).

This led to us creating our TitleTap HUB which we launched in March of 2021 – a marketplace of partner solutions to help customers better leverage their website with the software they already use.

The HUB has been a huge success but our customers continue to ask for more. As discussions with ProfitSolv progressed it was clear that our ability to offer a more complete business solution “made easy” could be done faster while being supported by the awesome team and service experience our customers are used to in a more streamlined way.

These added solutions may be offered in our HUB and serve as additional options for customers to have alongside those offered by our partners in the HUB.

What does this mean for TitleTap customers?

Your experience will only get better as we continue to share “what’s possible” through our complete business solution road map. We now have more resources to provide you with solutions faster and in a way that is relevant to you; which will mean more opportunities to help you grow and improve your business so you can stay focused on what you do best.

Will my TitleTap plan change?

If you have a current TitleTap plan, we have no plans to make changes to it at this time.  However, we will be offering more solutions to all of our customers in time, many of which you have asked for. Existing customers will have the opportunity to “opt-in” if interested.

Where does ProfitSolv operate?

ProfitSolv is Headquartered out of Knoxville, TN and has product teams throughout the
United States.

How can we learn more about ProfitSolv and their solutions?

Learn more about the Profitsolv Products on their websites:
Clearview Social, CosmoLex, Law Ruler, LexShare, LexSign, Mango Practice Management, Paymo,
Rocket Matter, Tabs3, and TimeSolv.

Will TitleTap’s team stay with ProfitSolv?

There have been no plans to change the team. Our family is simply growing and now has a
bigger house. The entire TitleTap team will continue to serve up the awesome experiences you
know us for.

Dean Collura (TitleTap CEO) will continue in his role as CEO and Eliot Dill (TitleTap COO) will
become General Manager.

Will your product name or branding change?

No. TitleTap and our family of products will stay branded as they are, we will simply be adding “by
ProfitSolv” to them.