Did you know that 1 in 4 people have a disability?

That means potentially 25% of your visitors might not be able to easily navigate your website!

Furthermore, in a recent case Gil vs. Winn-Dixie, a judge ruled that Winn-Dixie’s website should have been accessible to those with disabilities – in particular, that it should be able to be navigated easily with accessibility software.

This ruling paved the way for several similar lawsuits, and now it is recommended that organizations with a bricks and mortar location, might want to consider making their website more accessible.

This is why TitleTap has started offering to add a third party widget from UserWay.org to all of our customers to help them make their website more friendly to those with disabilities.

Note: As of 2020, there doesn’t appear to be any specific laws on this so it is important to consult with your legal council.

However, once the widget is enabled, it can help the elderly, the blind, those with a mobile impairment and people with situational disabilities navigate your site.

Here are some specific ways the widget can help your website visitors:

  • Simplifying keyboard-only navigation and adjusting the contrast to help those with vision or mobile impairment.
  • Allowing the user to adjust the text size, mouse pointer size and highlight clickable areas in order to help the elderly and those with situational disabilities.
  • And can even read the website aloud to help those who are completely blind.

You can get it for free but you must opt-in and accept the terms from UserWay.org. Contact TitleTap support via email or in the chat below to request this or another accessibility widget on your site!

Update Feb 2021: UserWay has removed some features that were previously free. Anyone can get those features back by upgrading their widget and paying UserWay directly for those features.