We recently concluded a webinar where we highlight the importance of marketing when you are still busy.

Click here to to see the full webinar. 

Here are some items we discussed:

1. Build a steady pipeline

  • It takes many touches to convert to the next step with a prospect
  • There is always natural attrition with clients
  • There are always changes in the market over time

2. Attract the kind of business you want

  • Review your data/last 10 transactions by Customer and transaction type
  • Who is your best customer? Why?
  • Your website should appeal to those targeted individuals and groups

3. Use your website like a bullhorn-Visitors want answers fast!

  • Notifications
  • Order forms
  • Resources
  • FAQs
  • Explain the process
  • Tools like client portals, event calendar, calculator

4. Attract the staff you want

  • Does your website content appeal to potential hires?
  • Do you have a specific place on the website for potential hires to connect with you?

5. Protect against the effects of a slowdown

  • We know our business is cyclical
  • Keep your pipeline full with customers and business that will help you achieve your goals
  • Modify the focus of content and messaging as the market shifts

If you have ever experienced a slow down and then started your marketing efforts again, you know you’ve missed opportunities whenever you have not been consistent with a targeted marketing strategy.

Soft Reminders:

The best way to keep your customers updated with what’s going on in your office is to articulate this information online. Items like announcements, events, and community involvement should be kept up to date online.

Also, if you have a speciality or customer value proposition that distinguishes your services, make sure you communicate that to your customers.

Lastly, check out our Blog for more ideas and ways to help market your business!