Marketing your law firm can be a challenge. Add the uncertainty of knowing where to start on top of all of the other day-to-day business functions, and you have a recipe for letting your sales and marketing efforts fall through the cracks.

Fortunately, there’s a wealth of information out there to help you effectively market your practice.

So, we rounded up the 13 best legal marketing blogs that you should be following. These blogs are staffed by expert marketers and share actionable tips to help you stay on top of your game.

1. TitleTap
3. Good2BSocial
4. Social Media Law and Order
5. Cardinal Digital Marketing
6. Jaffe
7. Paracore
8. CubeSocial
9. OTT
10. Smokeball
11. The Social Media Law Firm
12. Lawyerist
13. MyCase

1. TitleTap[ps2id id=’title1′ target=”/]

When over 90% of our clients’ websites rank on page 1 of Google, we must be doing something right. Since 2013, we’ve helped hundreds of attorneys and title companies with their website and marketing needs.

Our blog is packed full of educational content for law firms looking to improve their website and marketing. Here are some recommended reads:

2.[ps2id id=’title2′ target=”/]

Founded in 2013, is an SEO agency that specializes in working with personal injury law firms. Their blog and podcast are packed with tried and tested advice for law firms looking to improve their search rankings.

For example, topics include a round-up of legal directories and advice for optimizing PPC ads. Site visitors can also sign up for their newsletter for more personal injury marketing tips.

3. Good2BSocial[ps2id id=’title3′ target=”/]

Good2BSocial assists lawyers, law firms, and companies that sell to law firms with their digital marketing strategies. Their website features free resources organized by the type of help needed. For example, content marketing, generating more leads, and measuring ROI.

The company has been in the game since 2011 and has accumulated a catalog of impressive blog topics since then. The focus on social media is clear with topics that show visitors how to select from social media tools and tips for beginners to advanced marketers. Be sure to check out their podcast and webinars in addition to their traditional blog.

4. Social Media Law and Order[ps2id id=’title4′ target=”/]

Ethan Wall is an expert on social media and the law. The accomplished marketer is also a lawyer, professor, governor, and philanthropist.

His social media agency was founded as the world’s first social media law firm. Today, along with his team, Wall offers a wealth of advice through his website for law firms. His blog focuses primarily on social media marketing and ethics for lawyers.

5. Cardinal Digital Marketing[ps2id id=’title5′ target=”/]

Cardinal Digital Marketing is a digital marketing agency that specializes in working with DUI/DWI, criminal defense, and personal injury law firms.

Founded in 2009, they share tons of solid digital marketing advice on their blog. Topics range from branding, SEO, and paid social to content marketing and post-COVID-19 legal marketing.

6. Jaffe[ps2id id=’title6′ target=”/]

Founded in 1978, Jaffe is a full-service PR and marketing agency that works with some of the biggest law firms, legal vendors, and associations. With decades of experience servicing big legal firms, this doesn’t come cheap and their services may be out of reach for smaller or solo firms.

One way to soak up some of their knowledge for free is through their blog, which covers a variety of digital marketing and PR topics. They offer timely advice such as virtual office best practices for law firms as well as more evergreen topics like writing content that gets read.

7. Paracore[ps2id id=’title7′ target=”/]

Paracore specializes in helping lawyers generate more leads via pay-per-click ads (PPC). Founded in 2010 as a one-man shop, they’ve grown into a thriving PPC legal agency.

Their blog is unique as it mixes both text and video content centered around Google Ads, Facebook ads, and syncing your ads with your CRM. They also have an entire academy with online courses for lawyers interested in the DIY route.

8. CubeSocial[ps2id id=’title8′ target=”/]

CubeSocial is a social media agency for lawyers. They specialize in helping lawyers generate more leads from Linkedin, Facebook, and other social media platforms through their predictable selling system.

On their blog, they cover everything from how to use Linkedin to generate more leads to social media trends.

9. OTT[ps2id id=’title9′ target=”/]

OTT is a global SEO agency that works across many industries, including law firms. They claim to have generated more than 16 million leads for their clients across all industries from SEO since the agency’s inception.

While not focused entirely on lawyers, they share a wide variety of SEO and website conversion optimization best practices on their blog and Youtube channel.

10. Smokeball[ps2id id=’title10′ target=”/]

Smokeball is a cloud-based case management software for law firms. Built by lawyers, this software is designed to help streamline time tracking, document assembly, and onboarding, training, and account management tasks.

From their blog to a wide variety of ebooks, they share tons of helpful tips to help small law firms better grow and manage their practices.

11. The Social Media Law Firm[ps2id id=’title11′ target=”/]

The Social Media Law Firm claims to be the first law firm that focuses exclusively on social media, helping brands navigate compliance, intellectual property, and legal policies.

While not specifically focused on digital marketing, their blog provides a unique perspective into the fast-changing social media landscape. If your law firm is looking to do more social media marketing, this is a great blog to bookmark to get a pulse on what is and what isn’t working as well as how to best protect your firm’s reputation.

12. Lawyerist[ps2id id=’title12′ target=”/]

Lawyerist is the go-to community for small and solo law firms to talk shop and get actionable tips to grow and manage their practices. They provide a mix of free and paid content, including a blog, podcast, membership groups, Lawyerist Lab, and virtual and in-person events.

Topics span everything from getting started building your practice, legal strategy, client service, and office management to legal marketing, technology, and hiring.

13. MyCase[ps2id id=’title13′ target=”/]

MyCase is one of the leading case management software providers for law firms. Some key features include lead tracking, client intake, case management, calendars, eSignature collection, and more.

They also offer tons of free resources to help lawyers grow and streamline their practices, including blog posts, webinars, and a special section around COVID-19 resources.

In summary, following these 13 blogs will keep you up to date on the industry and key marketing trends. You can apply key learnings and takeaways to grow your practice.