Remarketing (or retargeting) is something no one in the real estate industry is doing but everyone should be. Not only is it super effective, it is typically inexpensive too!

What is retargeting?

Have you ever been to a website or put a product in your cart, then suddenly see ads for that product across the Internet?

It’s not by accident – you’ve been remarketed!  As of 2016 remarketing is one of the most cost effective and efficient methods of advertising.

This Ad showed up in my Facebook Feed after I visited this company's website - looking to replace our phone system.

Example 1: This Ad showed up in my Facebook Feed after I visited this company’s website – looking to replace our phone system.


Here is one example of how this works:

1) Someone visits your website to read an article

2) They leave your site

3) They see your ads with your services/offering across major ad networks like Google and Facebook

4) They recognize your logo and your offer resonates with them so they click through

5) They inquire about your services

This works by installing what is called a “retargeting pixel” on your website.  This is nothing more than a snippet of text (copy and paste) that saves a cookie to everyone’s computer that visits your website.  

What’s nice about cookies is that you can set them to expire after a certain point in time. For example, stop showing ads after 3 months since the person is likely to either purchase the product or become a cold lead by then.

Amazon Remarketing

Example 2: This ad showed up on a news website after I was shopping for a cell phone case on

How to set it up for yourself

There are many companies and services that offer remarketing – Google and Facebook are just two services. However I’ve found them both to be a bit tedious even if you’ve used online ads like AdWords in the past.

The easier approach is to use a third party service that aggregates the advertisements to all of the popular ad services for you. This not only gives you simpler setup, it also gives you more eyeballs on your ads since it integrates the popular ad networks together.

For example, with these services you can create an ad once in different ad sizes and have it published to platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads in one swoop.

Remarketing on Ebay

Example 3: Notice the TitleTap Ad on the right. This is remarketing. You’ll see your Ads everywhere.

Remarketing Services

What service should you use?  The two most popular services are Adroll and Perfect Audience. The catch is that in order to use these services you must have a certain number of visitors cookied to start displaying ads to them.

As such you should install this tracking pixel as soon as possible so you can start adding people to your remarketing list immediately.

It is also important to note a slight misnomer in the word “services.”  Facebook, Google, Adroll and Perfect Audience are all self-service. That means that you must create and manage yourself. So it is recommended that you do a bit more research on not only how to set it up properly, but what type of retargeting ads are most effective. And above all, experiment to see what ads work well for you!

Are you an insurance, real estate or law professional that wants to get started with Remarketing?  Contact us for a free consultation and demo on how retargeting can help you get more business.