With the real estate market still as hot as ever, time is an invaluable resource. Title agents and real estate attorneys are looking for digital solutions to help save time while still growing in a competitive space.

This month, we are so excited to highlight the available integrations with TitleTap’s automatic reviews solution Feedback Automatic™, as well as showcase real world results from a few star performers.

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On the call, we cover how Feedback Automatic helps with:

  • Positive Review Sharing
  • Generating More Referral Leads
  • Organizing Ideas for Improved Operations
  • Employee Recognition
  • Multi-Office Feedback Coordination
  • …and More!

You’ll also learn about the following integrations:

TitleFusion | Softpro | Qualia | ClosersChoice | Resware |

Ramquest | Landtech | CloseSimple | E-Closing

These integrations allow for control of your online reputation with less than 15 minutes of initial setup, literally set it and forget it!

If you’re interested in having an automated reputation solutions in place, designed to drive business without a heavy lift from your staff, you absolutely can’t afford to miss this information!

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